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10 penalties for teachers

10 penalties for teachers

Gigi Sclavu,

5th grade


1.       To make a strike every year for at least 9 months (irretrievable).

2.       To remember that they were pupils too.

3.       The way from the teachers’ room to the classroom to last at least half an hour.

4.       To remember the caprices of the pupils and to fulfil them.

5.       To make as much homework as we do.

6.       Not to put grades lower than 10 or at least 9.

7.       Not to forget to make us some “tea” for the written papers.

8.       Not to forget to put some music at the begging of the class and at the end of it.

9.       To participate themselves in the class fundraising.

10.   Not to forget that a penalty is a penalty.



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