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Beauty – An Endangered Species

Beauty – An Endangered Species

By Cosmin P., Pascani,




Everything’s happening so fast that we can’t even realize it, as if I’m a new train passing through an old wooden station, settled by the war veterans, our classics. We’re loosing the magic that once lived with so much warmth, turning some people’s  minds and souls young again. Everything disappears from our minds once fashion settles in. Like a raging storm sweeping through the world, Eminescu, Caragiale, Sadoveanu have all disappeared now in a fog of forgetfulness. A poem, an essay, a story, that we’re once the heart of literature, are no longer important. Grigorescu, Stefan Luchian have disappeared, and their paintings are no longer sold as often as before. Fashion and anything that’s fashionable now dominate everything. For example: children, instead of reading a book, play on the computer. Nothing reminds us anymore of an adventure book, a love poem or a fragment of Romanian history. Nobody can do anything, but let’s hope we’ll find a cure that could bring back to life all that has died until now.    


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