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Childhood, the most wonderful time of our lives

Childhood, the most wonderful time of our lives


* its advantages and disadvantages


I think we can all agree that the most wonderful period of our lives is childhood. The thing is now, that us, children, canít really tell the difference between childhood and other life periods. We trust in what other people, who have gone through these stages, tell us. Our parents or grandparent regret childhood a lot, but they canít do anything about it, because it canít come back. Nevertheless, they advise us not to waste our childhood time. However, we donít really pay very much attention to such advice. Like any child, weíre curios to find out how it feels to be big, to be a grown-up. Many times we try doing things unsuitable for our age. We strongly wish to become grown-ups faster. We try this more through our behaviour. Girls manage best. They start using make-up, they dress in clothes that are not so proper for their age etc. We canít even realize that later weíll regret the fact we didnít agree to let things happen at the right time. Time passes very fast and we realize it too late. Although weíre still very young, we are already regretting weíre not the way we used to be yesterday. One of childhoodís advantages is the fact that we have fewer worries. We donít have a family to take care of; we donít have to work to support ourselves. Another one is that the mistakes we make are easier forgiven. We wonít even realize when time passes and we wonít be able to swing, to go on a slide, to pretend to cry so that mother would buy us candy. Childhood also has its disadvantages. One of them is the fact that we donít really have independence. This isnít so bad, especially because later in life, there are people who still canít enjoy this gift. We always depend on someone or something. During childhood, we canít wear what we like and when we like because mother knows best. I canít even believe we can call these disadvantages. I hope I wonít regret not doing extraordinary things during childhood and I also hope I will always have the soul of a child, good and pure.


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