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A killer joke

A killer joke

By Lacramioara Lungu, 12 years old,



* sometimes a joke we make to our mates could have serious consequences on people’s lives.


Things can happen in life that we couldn’t even see in the movies. Real life shows us reality in ways never imagined. It’s been 32 years since… In the same village we now live something happened, something horrible, something that the villagers could never forget. It is said that a group of pupils from the Economical High School decided to go to the cemetery after finishing their classes. What for? Playing, of course!


One of the kids found an empty grave probably waiting for its “customer”. There was a stone and a cross on its side. In order to try his friends’ courage a boy suggested that one should enter the grave.


From the entire group one pretty girl seemed more courageous than any other. She entered the grave laughing. One of her mates wanted to make a joke so they could laugh together. He placed the big stone on top of the very deep grave. He could not imagine that would have been the greatest mistake of his life. The little girl buried started fear so she begun to shout like no one had ever heard before. And that was the last cry for help she ever shouted out!


The children wanted to take the stone and put it aside but it was too heavy for them. They panicked and they didn’t know what to do next. A man working in the cemetery heard their voices and came to see what was going on. Helped by the kids he managed to move the stone next to the grave. Inside, they could see a 16-year old little girl with white hair like a 90-year old woman. On her abdomen there was an enormous snake moving around. At her funeral the entire school was present, both teachers and pupils.


Unfortunately, some of the jokes we play on our school-mates or friends can bring real pain, such pain we could never imagine or ever make go away.


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