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A terrorist child

A terrorist child

By Alina Fanaragiu,


* A 10-year old boy to enter the Romanian Government’s building with a gun



If you read about our interview with Mr. Marian Parjol, you already know that during our fascinating travel throughout the country, we were given the opportunity to enter the Romanian Government’s offices. Although we had to wait some time in the sun, we were allowed in because of a gentleman working there (chief of protocol, as far as we know) who had studied in Iasi. Up to here everything was fine. Out of habit or perhaps out of professionalism, as soon as we entered the hallway we took a picture. Only the security guard was “on the job” and almost confiscated our film. Then, so we could actually enter we had to leave our bags on a small table in order for them to be scanned. At this time if everything were ok, we were allowed to pass to the next scanner that was supposed to beep if we had had any metal on. Everything seemed fine until our colleague Vlad S. put his bag through the first scanner. The female security guard started shouting:

‘A gun, a gun, what kind of gun is that?’

‘A ball one, it’s not for shooting at people!’, very scared started Vlad to stutter.

‘I’m not interested in that, turn it in!’


With shaking hands, white as snow and without breathing Vlad took the gun out of his bag and handed it over to the security guard. Someone asked us to sit on a couch in the next room, and while we were waiting there, the lady security guard studied closely the gun, looked at it from all sides, took off its balls, put them back, took them off again, she called one of his fellow guards to give his opinion on the gun, and then finally she realized that it was only a plastic toy gun, a very real reproduction.


Well, this is how the greatest terrorist of our times was discovered, working as an editor for “Pupaza din tei”. Who knows what might have happened if the terrifying mobster had escaped with the gun in the Government’s building.


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