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You too can become an editorialist


       Your photograph could be here

       Starting with the following number we shall assign a special place to your opinions on the front page. Each number shall contain a subject to reflect upon regarding the problems kids nowadays deal with. You have the opportunity to make your thoughts known to everyone! We offer you this chance plus three invitations for two persons to Water Park. All you have to do is to send us your opinion in a written text of about 250-300 words. We shall choose the most interesting article and publish it as headline in this exact place. The picture of the author (ID type) will also be published if sent.

Moreover, the kids who proved they have something to say and become real journalist will be contacted by our editorial staff. They have the opportunity to write for our paper and become real hoopoes, becoming at the same time involved in our meetings and trainings.

The address to which you can sent us the texts is: "Pupaza din tei" Calea Grivitei, nr. 8-10, 2 nd floor 1 st department, Bucharest, specifying on the envelope " for your Editorial" or on the e-mail address: .

The subject for next time is "The best way of knowing your child it to know its' problems".

From the interviews taken to many psychiatrists in several schools in Bucharest, we found out that teachers with problems generated by the stressing environment in which they work are afraid to seek for professional help. Do you think that teachers should ask for psychiatrists' opinion? Do you know students that had to suffer because of teachers that refused to submit to psychiatric help? We are looking forward to your opinions on the subject on the editorial office address.

Alina Matei, Bucuresti

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