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The daughter of the old man and the old woman What grandma tells in her sleep

Those who still read stories have to remember the one regarding the daughter of the old man and the old woman. It's for sure that we also have the old lady, the girl and the old man in our story, but adapted to the modern times. The old lady does plastic surgery to marry the old man who is an influential businessman while the girl Jojo is a student in economics and wants scholarship abroad. Jojo is not very happy about her father getting married but has nothing to say on the subject. The wedding is big. But the old lady is not satisfied. She wants new clothes now! The embroidered blouse and skirt are no longer in fashion in the 20 th century. And the hard-hearted old lady no longer fancies taking the eggs from the hen's nest. Instead she buys them from Mega Image where they taste better. The wedding didn't last three days and nights like in fairy tales - cause they are not robots and time is money. And after all, aren't 28 hours enough?

All the absent big shots from MTV Romania sang there as they had already other gigs that could not be canceled. When she became the mistress of the house, the step mother sent Jojo in Spain to pick up strawberries. Ten years afterwards she returned home as soap opera actress (she was already famous there) and chased her stepmother away andů and just as the story was to become more interesting, my grandmother (who talks in her sleep) wakes up suddenly to make me tea for school.

Ioana Manea, Bucuresti.

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