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You blew it… Says mother, or a day of bad luck

An ordinary say begins when the alarm clock rings. You're going to school. On your way to school you remember it's Saturday and you don't study on Saturday. You return home upset. Your mother asks you what's wrong and when she finds out she starts laughing louder than that time you were younger and came home late saying that aliens had kidnapped you. You mind your own business and ignore her. You open the TV and surprise! It is broken. Mother comes and what does she say? "You blew it. Fix it by tonight or you're in trouble!" As if you didn't have enough on your mind, you have to fix now the TV you didn't break. And you can't do it anyway… you hardly pull yourself together and go to the livingroom hoping to listen some music, but another surprise! The cassette won't play! You wait a moment longer and realize the tape is ruined. Your older sister enters the room upset for having been denied her monthly allowance, sees you with the taperecorder and shouts: "Mother, come quick!" Mother comes and tells you: "You blew it! Fix the taperecorder!" Your mood changes. You go to the window, look outside and some kids playing with rocks break your window. And of course mother shows up saying: "You blew it…" No more allowance for two months. We have to buy a new window and we shall do it with your money". You have a fit but eventually maintain calm. You keep thinking and saying to yourself: why doesn't she give me a hand instead of blaming me for everything? All she says is that I blew it! This is definitely not my day! This is all parents do - all quarrel and no help! No!!! But what is there to be done?


Alexandru Contantin

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