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L.P.Z.F.- The League of the Smoke Tousled Hoopoes

* or how you can be trendy without smoking.

He has just arrived from the office. He is tired and stressed out. He has just had a quarrel with his boss for cutting off from his salary. Like it weren't enough on the way home he met his son's teacher who told him about his son's frisks at school for the past days. ‘Hmm! Let him come home, he'll see! He embarrassed me in front of the entire school!' But until then he decided to relax a little. ‘What an awful day!' All bad things from that came back in his mind. He was very stressed and tired. How about a smoke? Cigarettes are the ‘solution' the Romanian individual finds to the every day stress. People are hiding behind the smoke of the cigarettes, they are making it part of their life, a kind of marriage that apparently keeps them going for next day.

Of course, people are conscious of the damage made by smoking, but few can give it up. This is what we saw around us and we thought that if it's so difficult to quit smoking, then let us, the new generation, not fall into temptation, like the father we just mentioned. This is why the League of the Smoke Tousled Hoopoes (LPZF) was born, a league with a funny name and a very serious purpose. The members of the League are not only editors of ‘Pupaza din tei' newspaper but also other children, pupils from junior high. The League of the Smoke Tousled Hoopoes is a group that wants the healthier life we all are in title to. Some of our friends or colleagues, although very young, have started to smoke for being cool, but the League of the Smoke Tousled Hoopoes is trying to convince them that ‘you can be trendy even without smoking!' On the League's Board of Administration were chosen: Cristina Curde – 13 years old as President, Alexandru Neagu – 13 years old as Human Resources Manager, Iulian Vdovicenco – 12 years old as Marketing Manager, Roxana Raileanu – 13 years old as Administrative Manager. We have as partner School no. 84, led by General Principal, Ion Marian and Educative Manager – Steluta Vlad. She is also the school coordinator for the project. ‘This is an educational project that will have a big impact and we hope it to be a positive factor for the pupils' says Mrs. Vlad. The choice for School 84 as partner is not a casual one. This is the school the most important managers of the newspaper are studying, this is where our office is, this is were the initiative group of the project was created, this is were we have real dialogue partners in the person of our managers. We also have the support of the Bucarest General Inspection Office for Schools – its representative is Manager Andrei Stefan, and Inspector Daniela Moraru, and also of the Ministry of Health and Family. Our counselor on smoking issues is Dr. Magdalena Ciobanu from the Counseling Center for Giving up Smoking from the ‘Marius Nasta' Institute of Lung Diseases . ‘The young generation must have an education to be able to choose for themselves the path to walk on… This is a project with fun activities, childhood like, but also has an interactive aspect', said Mr. Ion Marin, the School 84 Principal.

Last minute: With the support of the Ministry of Health and Family, we will very soon have a special medical edition of our newspaper when we will write all about anti-smoking past and future actions, and also useful information about children and adults, with direct and indirect ties with smoking.


By Andrei Jujan, Bucuresti
Madalina Tita, Bucuresti


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