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The street dog on page 5 Pamela from Calea Grivitei


       The street dog in the image is Pamela - the warden at the "Pupaza din tei" office in Bucharest. We assure you that her dimensions are ideal. She is neither too tall nor too small. Moreover, she has a very dusted fur, maybe white in reality, and the eyes are intensely brown and fierce. Her main hobbies are barking and sitting around doing nothing. At your first encounter with her she seems rather violent. She would do anything to scare you and chase you away. But you will certainly become friends when you meet the second time. That is if you bring her food and pet her all the time…

       With this number we are introducing the column "The street dog on page 5". If you have a favorite street dog around your flat and you think it deserves to appear in our column, send us its picture and a short description. The address of the editorial office: Calea Grivitei nr. 8-10, 1 st department, Bucharest, mentioning "For 'Street dog on page 5'".

Andrei Jujan, Bucuresti

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