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School badly damages your health

* So some lazy boys think. One of our daily concerns is school. It takes most of our day-time away. Some pupils are frightened by the fact that they have to be on their feet at seven in the morning and they would love to study in the afternoon, so they could get up at ten. So they think, as the ones who study in the morning are in fact advantaged, having all the afternoon for themselves, while the “second shift“ loses half a day uselessly. Because you can't get up at ten o'clock because of the homework, so the morning is wasted. You have to be present at 12:30 in the schoolyard for the check, and so the ‘afternoon nightmare' begins. As if it weren't enough, you're entitled to only six or seven hours in the 8th grade. Well, in winter it's ok, cause you'd rather be somewhere indoors - people get the mood for study, but in the summertime__ When it's warm outside, the birds are singing and the sun shines on your face through the classroom window you start to think about the three-month holiday, you wish it were the 15th of June that very moment but it isn't. From time to time some hysteric teacher screaming like a hooligan awakes you from the sleep of the first hours of school. And when you finally begin to stretch out by the time of the 4th class, you suddenly feel an awful hunger, so big that you could eat the pencil's rubber gum or your lipstick. If I think about it, the rubber and a few grams of lipstick a day multiplied by who knows how many days of school sum up to the conclusion that our health is precarious. If we add the hearing we lose because of the teachers__, the sunstroke you get from the sun shining over our heads and the insomnia you get at night when you keep thinking about that chemistry test, the result is a chronic nervous-stomach-dermal condition__ In conclusion, after so many blah blahs I have just one thought: school badly damages your health (and that is one of a pupil's secret beliefs!)

Sorin Dumitrescu, Bucuresti

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