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Untitled Document About the bad luck of a lucky day

I'm in bed. Judging by the heat I feel caressing my cheek I realize it's morning and the sun shines brightly. I open my eyes in great pain and look around puzzled, my sleepy face marked by the folds of the pillow, searching for the remote control. I finally find it; I push the button and - lucky me! The TV opens and a rather sleepy lady (that's a first today) appears on the screen saying in a slow and hoarse voice: "Gemini. You are every optimistic and lucky today. You are full of energy and high-spirited. This is a good day to do business." I shut down the TV feeling bored. With only half of my brain I start thinking about what I have just heard. With the other half I go on sleeping. When the second half wakes up as well I finally realize what that depress(ing)ed woman said. Therefore I get dressed feeling happy and head towards school. The bus doesn't take much to arrive and it isn't very crowded. "What do you know! That lady reading the horoscope was right" I say to myself. I take the keys out of my pocket and start playing with them, confident and convinced that I shall close a deal of three tens in school. The doors open, three controllers get in and start checking the tickets. I've got none. I left it in the other jacket. I start fretting. One of the controllers notices me and heads towards me. "Your ticket, please" he says, giving me a mean and suspicious glance. I hear a strong whistle. The driver stepped on the break and then suddenly accelerated. Since I am sitting, the break projects me on the seat in front of me while the second maneuver brings me back in my seat while my elbow hits the controller's nose. The latter, upset, rubbing his damaged nose, gives me a big fine… I then decide to stand up to him like a man, that is half a man who has nothing to lose "I have no money". While giving my name and address to the controller to have the fine sent home … (did he really mean it or it was simply a means of intimidating me?), I suddenly remember I am Cancer.

"Cancer. You have a bad day ahead of you. Cancel everything. Stay indoors. Don't turn on the gas. Don't get too near the windows and don't answer the phone… preferably don't get out of the bed…

Radu Pop, Bucuresti

Untitled Document

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